Networking Events

in Bryan/College Station

Networking and Educational Events for Entrepreneurs

In Bryan/College Station

Congratulations! If you found this page, then you know somebody who knows somebody… and that is the first step to being a successful networker! 

If you know me, you know I attend A LOT of local networking events. I do this not only to benefit my own company, but because I also enjoy making connections for my clients. And of course the perk of meeting new colleagues who become my close friends!

If you are an entrepreneur and want to start networking or attending business development seminars in Bryan/College Station, but don’t know where to start, I made this calendar for YOU! Don’t burn yourself out trying to attend every one, but I encourage you to find an organization that fits you best.


List of local organizations regularly promoting networking and business development:

How does the calendar work?

With this calendar, you are able to sync all of the events at one time to your existing calendar! Upon clicking the link, you can choose to sync one or all of the calendars available to download. (Currently, the calendars are “BCS Educational Events for Entrepreneurs”, “BCS Networking Events”, and “BCS Charity Events”.)

The best part: once you download and sync the calendar, any updates will automatically sync to your calendar including times, locations, and descriptions. How cool is that?? Plus, you control the notifications and the events you want to keep.


Pro tip: Texas A&M University also uses Stanza (the calendar platform) to allow fans to download their calendar of sporting events. That means:

  • no more manually entering game schedules in your calendar
  • times and locations are always updated
  • you can even choose which of your favorite sports to sync
  • you will always know which games are home and away
  • WHOOP!

Calendar of events is compiled by Ment Marketing & Creative Services as a service to the community. Events are not endorsed by Ment, and Ment is not compensated for posting events. Please report any typos or additional events to howdy@mentservices.com. Enjoy!

Bonus: Tips for Attending Networking Events as an Entrepreneur

  • Bring a buddy or wingman. They can make you more comfortable and can help talk up your business.
  • Dress professionally. As the saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression.
  • Listen and engage. Don’t just think about what you are going to say next. Engage in actual conversation.
  • Follow up! Send a quick email to the people you met after the event. Be genuine, not salesy.
  • What do I do with business cards? Those business cards you gathered aren’t helping anyone from the trash or your back pocket. Click here for tips!

If you think our calendar is so cool that you want to help maintain it, please consider donating a small amount. We’d really appreciate it!