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Connecting businesses to students and students to mentors

What is Ment?

Ment is a unique marketing agency staffed entirely by college students. Through Ment, they are able to build their portfolio and gain real-world experience before graduating.

Students benefit from a paying job and one-on-one mentorship including assistance with their assigned projects.

Businesses benefit from our fresh perspective and competitive pricing… while supporting local students!

While their university provides education, Ment provides experience.

Why the name Ment?

Ment is short for the mentor/mentee relationship that is the foundation of our company. It also stands for our cornerstones of empowerment, development, achievement, and advancement.

I've created a business that I would have loved to work for in college.

Where did the idea of Ment originate?

When I graduated college, I discovered the difficulty of finding local design jobs. Plus, it was intimidating to reach out to businesses due to my thin portfolio and lack of real-world design experience. So I’ve created a business that I would have loved to work for in college.

Amelia McCracken
Owner & Founder of Ment
Texas Aggie Class of 2010

About the Founder

Amelia was born a second generation Aggie, but raised in Austin. After visiting nearly every football season throughout childhood, Amelia finally called College Station home upon being accepted at Texas A&M University. She took advantage of the flexible University Studies degree and chose a curriculum consisting of everything that interested her – photography, architecture, creative studies, graphic design, animation, art history, and more. During college, Amelia worked at the Forsyth Center Galleries as a museum curator and communications specialist.

Upon graduation, Amelia married fellow Aggie, Joshua ’09, who now works on campus for Texas A&M. Amelia began her own business in College Station called U Name It! Creative Services, doing photography, custom cakes, and graphic design. Since 2012, she served as a mentor for the charity student organization, Texas A&M Cupcakes, where she taught decorating workshops and gave advice to students on how to start their own businesses. Now, she is transitioning her focus to providing mentorship opportunities to even more students through Ment.

Strongly committed to giving back to her community and her alma mater, Amelia currently serves on the board of Aggie Women, a constituent network of the Association of Former Students.

Pricing Structure

How Ment Divides the Project Costs

Ment collects the total project cost from businesses and divides the funds as follows:

30% of the total project cost goes to the student

  • The percentage for the students is higher than what most employees would receive at an agency. We want our students to be able to prioritize their studies and generate enough income from Ment so that they don’t have to work a second job.

60% of the total project cost goes to Ment including

  • general operating expenses
  • client acquisition
  • future scholarship opportunities
  • team meetings

10% of the total project cost goes to the Mentor

  • Mentors are a key aspect of our agency and we believe they should also be compensated for their expertise.
  • They will oversee projects and offer suggestions for improvements and portfolio review.
  • While students use Ment as a primary source of income, our mentors assist students outside of their main job.
  • Student 30%
  • Ment 60%
  • Mentor 10%

Why Choose Us

Benefitting Both Businesses and Students
Fresh Perspective

Students can offer a fresh, creative perspective on your brand and can help capture a younger target market.

Expert Review

All student projects are reviewed by mentors who are experts in their field, ensuring you receive the highest quality work.

Competitive Pricing

Browse our pricing guide for general pricing, then schedule a free consultation today to receive a custom quote. We can work within your budget!

Local Students
Supports Students

Our students appreciate the opportunity to promote your business as they build their portfolios and gain real-world professional experience.